Space weather monitor at Earth-Sun Lagrange point L2
Observatory "Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma"
Zooming in and out
Select an area on the plot to see the data in higher precision. Zooming in reaggregates the data in the most convenient (for display) bin size for the chosen time interval. You can not zoom-in further if the chosen time interval is less than 6 hours.
Double-click on the plot area to return to the previously chosen time interval. Reload the page to return straight to the starting interval.
Dragging along the time axis increases the chosen time interval to include adjacent time periods. The data are then recalculated within the whole interval, taking into account the added part.
Download data from the selected time period. Two types of data are available: plot data includes plot coordinate values; original data includes raw data from the telescope`s detectors.
Original data
Choosing the bin is part of the aggregation process. In the form below you can select the bin and click apply to recalculate currently displayed time interval.
Light curves